Publicis Brussels creates a shopping guide for Molenbeek

Publicis Brussels creates a shopping guide for Molenbeek

Monday, March 7, 2016 — Molenbeek had it rough in 2015. The world suddenly knew where it was, and nobody wanted to visit. That was bad for business in Molenbeek, that was struggling economically even before recent events.

Advertising agency Publicis Brussels decided to give a helping hand to its neighbouring community. It sent a creative team, a photographer and a journalist to Molenbeek, in search of the best places to be. ‘Found in Molenbeek’ became a practical guide for people from all walks of life and is currently only available online. A printed version will soon follow.

The shopping guide, aptly titled ‘Found in Molenbeek’, aims to put the plagued community in Brussels in a positive spotlight by revealing its hidden gems: all the best places to shop and eat, along with the happening events.

Fans and visitors of Molenbeek can even update with their own suggestions and tips. In short, ‘Found in Molenbeek’ is quickly becoming an organic guide for a sympathetic community with plenty of potential.


Creative Director: Tom Berth, Geert De Rocker

Digital Creative Director: Naïm Baddich

Creatives: Catheline Leroy & Eva De Jonckheere

Copywriting: Bram Van Moorhem

Digital Producer: Tanguy De Kelver

Webdesigner: Jeremie Aquisto

Graphic design: Christophe Vantricht

Print production: Marleen Hemeleers

Account: Mattias Vermeire

Art Buying: Victoire Kaiser

Developers: Hilarious

Photography: Jonathan Steelandt

Found In Molenbeek

Tom Berth Creative Director